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  • Parking Fee for Tourists
    - Sedan : 1,500 Won for the first 30 min/ for each additional 5 min 250 Won
    - Truck, Bus (Larger than 2.5t) : 3,000 Won for the first 30 min/ for each additional 5 min 500 Won
  • Information on Parking Fee Discount
    - Persons of national merit, persons with physical disabilities: 80% discount (only eligible for one discount)
    - Compact Car : 50% discount (only eligible for one discount)
    - Tourist : 30% discount
    - Cars must leave within 30min after payment
    ※ Overnight Parking (18:00~08:00 the next day): 50% discount
  • Parking fee for vehicles preparing for event/ closing event
    - Truck, Van for more than 9 passengers:
    - Sedan : 50% discount from basic parking fee
    - Other vehicles that park free of charge : Media vehicles, firetrucks, police vehicles, ambulance
  • Remarks
    - Discounts on parking fee is limited to vehicles that have used the machine for parking fees prior to leaving the parking lot
    - Only eligible for one discount: If eligible for more than one discount only the highest discount rate will be applied
    ※ This machine for payment only receives card payments. (Must leave parking lot within 30 minutes of paymnent)
    - For further inquiries : 02 - 2187 - 4660

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