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1. Indoor World Series
1.1 There will be six (6) Indoor World Series events in 2018 – 2019 for recurve and compound indoor divisions, male and female. The tournaments are open entry, meaning participants can register themselves but must be a current and valid member of their member association that is a recognised member association of World Archery.
The six events are as follows:
  • Strassen, Luxembourg 23-25 November 2018
  • Macau, PR China 30 November-02 December 2018
  • Rome, Italy 14-16 December 2018
  • Seoul, Korea 21-23 December 2018
  • Nimes, France 18-20 January 2019
  • Las Vegas, USA 08-10 February 2019
To be included in the Indoor World Series rankings, athletes must compete in at least three (3) stages, Las Vegas being obligatory to participate in the final.
Athletes with the most accumulated points (from their best three results) will qualify for the Indoor World Series Final in Las Vegas 09 February 2019.
1.2 Competition Format
Strassen, Macau, Rome, Seoul and Nimes will have the same format :
Qualification round, 60 arrows at 18 meters on a vertical tri-spot 40cm target face
Elimination round beginning at the 1/16 elimination round phase through to the gold final
Losing semifinalists will compete in a bronze medal match
The first two (2) days of the Las Vegas qualification ranking round, (first 60 arrows shot), will be used to rank athletes.
1.3 The following competitions will be organised in each of the Indoor World Series:
Individual (recurve men, recurve women, compound men, compound women)
1.4 Three levels of event make up the Indoor World Archery Series :
250, 500 and 1000. The levels define the size of the event and the points available to participants for ranking. Points for the Indoor World Series ranking can be achieved at any of the six (6) Indoor World Series events.
2. Ranking
2.1 There are three (3) ranking lists, elite ranking, open ranking and team ranking.
An elite ranking based on accruing points according to final placing after eliminations, using each athlete’s best three results across the season. The 16 highest ranked archers in each division are invited to the Indoor Archery World Series Final, held after the last stage.
An open ranking based on 60-arrow qualification scores, using each athlete’s best three results across the season. Everyone who competes receives an open ranking.
An team rankingfor pre-entered squads from clubs, national federations, brands and professional organisations. The combined elite ranking points of team members at each event give a team score, with the best three results across the season used in the team ranking.
*Note: Participants who shoot in Las Vegas, only their first 60 scoring arrows will count. For compound, the inner X ring will count as 10 points, therefore, scores shot under the Las Vegas format will be adjusted to the regular World Archery scoring system.
The elite ranking points for Las Vegas will be based on the positions achieved after the first 60 arrows shot in the championships division only as there is no elimination phase in the Vegas Shoot.
2.2 The following table illustrates the distribution of elite ranking points. Elite ranking points will be available to the following categories: recurve men, recurve women, compound men and compound women.
Position World Series 1000 World Series 500 World Series 250
1st 1000 points 500 points 250 points
2nd 600 points 300 points 150 points
3rd 500 points 250 points 125 points
4th 300 points 150 points 75 points
5th 250 points 125 points 60 points
6th 200 points 100 points 50 points
7th 190 points 95 points 45 points
8th 180 points 90 points 30 points
9th -16th 90 points 45 points 20 points
17th – 32nd 45 points 20 points
33rd – 64th 20 points
2.3 World Archery will produce an elite Indoor World Series ranking list from the points accumulated from the positional points based on the final ranking achieved at each stage to identify who qualifies for the Indoor World Series Final in Las Vegas.
2.4 World Archery will also produce an overall open ranking list, ranking all participants, that attended any stage, by their highest three (3) qualification scores (first 60 arrows) achieved in the season. A season ranking list will be generated for each of the following categories, recurve men, recurve women, compound men, compound women, recurve junior men, recurve junior women, compound junior men and compound junior women from the Indoor World Series.
For example, each athlete may have two finishing positions:
Ranking Event 1 (1000) Event 2 2 (500) Event 3 (250) Total Series ranking
Elite ranking 1st – 1000 points 4th – 150 points 5th – 60 points 1210 points 5th (qualified)
Open ranking 570 582 568 1720 points 28th
2.5 Team event
A team event (recurve and compound) will run for the entirety of the Indoor World Series. A team will consist of three athletes of one bowstyle and of any gender and will be named prior to the start of the season.
There will be a CHF1’500 entry fee for a team, which will contribute towards a team prize fund to be awarded at the end of the season in Las Vegas. There will be a 50% discount for teams entering with a mix of genders.
Teams can be entered by national federations, clubs, companies or independent groups, as long as the required paperwork is completed, please refer to the Team Member Nomination Form. Athletes may only shoot for one team and may not be substituted or change throughout the season. Athletes in a team must wear a unique uniform at each event in which they compete, but do not have to compete at every event. For teams to be ranked at one event, all members of that team should have participated at that same event.
The elite ranking points of each athlete in a team at a stage will be tallied to give a team total. A team’s best three totals in a year are tallied to give a team ranking, with the highest-ranked team being named Indoor World Series Champion at the end of the season
2.6 Ties in the World Indoor Series Rankings to qualify of the Indoor World Series Final will be solved on the following basis:
Between rank No 1 and 15:
A coin toss (performed by computer)
For rank No 16 (the cut): If scores are tied, a shoot-off will be made before the start of the first round of elimination for of the Indoor World Series Final in Las Vegas. The shoot-off will be conducted on a 40cm vertical tri-spot target face with each athlete shooting one (1) arrow. Closest to the centre of the target wins as per the World Archery shoot off rules for indoor competitions.
3. World Indoor Series Final
3.1 The World Indoor Series Final will be held in Las Vegas (USA) on Saturday 09 February 2019.
3.2 Those athletes who have qualified will be known after the second round of The Vegas Shoot in Las Vegas. All athletes wishing to participate in the finals in Las Vegas, MUST register in the "Championship Compound” male/female" for Compound disciplines and in the "Championships Recurve” as a male/female" for the Recurve discipline.
3.3 All recurve individual matches will use the sets system, consisting the best of five (5) sets shooting three (3) arrows. Alternate shooting – twenty (20) seconds per arrow will be used to shoot one (1) arrow in the gold finals on a, vertical, tri-spot 40cm World Archery target face.
3.4 The Compound division, will use cumulative scoring, five (5) ends of three (3) arrows. Alternate shooting – twenty (20) seconds per arrow – will be used to shoot one (1) arrow in the gold finals on a, vertical trip-spot 40cm World Archery target face. Both women and men will score counting the X ring as 10 points, and the recurve 10-ring as 9 points.
3.5 Following the World Archery Rules, arrow diameter will be limited to 9.3mm (not including arrow wraps); point diameter may be a maximum of 9.4mm.
3 .6 At the start of each gold/bronze medal match the highest ranked athlete, in the World Archery Indoor series ranking, has the decision to choose, one of the following options:
A) Elect who is to shoot first to start the match
B) Which target to shoot at i.e. target 1 or target 2
The lower ranked athlete decides the remaining option that the higher ranked athlete did not choose.
3.7 Athletes in each category will be ranked from 1 to 16 following their position in the World Indoor Series ranking 2018/2019 season. Athletes will be paired against each other, following the head-to-head elimination match play bracket (1st against the 16th, 2nd against the 15th…etc). Therefore, the competition will start in 1/8 finals, followed by the quarterfinals, semifinals and bronze and gold medal matches. The losing semifinalists will meet in a bronze medal match.
The winner of the gold medal matches will also be awarded the title of Indoor World Series Champion.
3.8 The exact competition schedule and details of the World Indoor Series Final will be communicated on
4. Prizes
4.1 The top three participants in each category (recurve men, recurve women, compound men and compound women) at the Indoor World Series Final in Las Vegas, Saturday 09 February 2019 will receive the following “prize money”:
1st place - 8,000 CHF
2nd place - 4,000 CHF
3rd place - 1,500 CHF
All prize money will be paid at the end of March 2019, subject to providing sufficient bank details, for the transfer, and satisfying all anti-doping and alcohol testing.
5. Dress regulations and camouflage
Compliant to World Archery rules and for athletes and coaches:
No hunting type camouflage is permitted on the field of play. This includes, bows, arrows, quivers, clothing, hats and shoes.
No jeans or blue denim is allowed on the competition field of play.
6. Related Information about Las Vegas competitions
In 2019, there will be two indoor archery events in Las Vegas:
The Las Vegas World Archery Festival, meaning the annual, traditional Las Vegas archery tournament and trade show from 08-10 February 2019. The first two days of the event will count as the Indoor World Series.
The Indoor World Series Final is on Saturday night 09 February 2019.
7. Legal Framework
The Indoor World Series Rules will follow the provision set in the World Archery Constitution and Rules, except for any specification mentioned in these rules.
In case of any misunderstanding due to translation of these rules, the English version will be referred to.
World Archery and the organisers reserve the rights to change these rules at any time.
Lausanne, 01 August 2018
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